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    I've had 10 jobs within the last 3 years (currently unemployed) and have managed to fail the easiest and most boring of college classes.

    I think my current shrink is giving me the run around. The last doc he sent me to, an endocrinologist, balked at the tests my shrink wrote down for him to run. He said, these tests seemed a bit random and that there wasn't much of a reason to do them. After this batch of testing is done, I'll set up another appointment with him. By god, if he sends me to a third doctor for some random evaluation, I might have to tell him off and look for someone else.

    My issues: no drive/weak/lazy & lack of concentration especially with things that don't interest me.
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    Care,for all is like a bonsai tree
    Without effort nothing can be achieved.

    I think that's the key implementation that you need to put into your life. Its strange to me that someone of Ethopian origin has such an attitude, i mean in Ethopia they constantly have to work hard to survive, and what about your father or mother, do they usually have a good 'drive to survive' attitude? You know a 'to do' mentality. Do you really 'jump out' in the picture or is the rest of your family also struck by some form of DNA genetic disease that causes such a physical liability, or are you the only one?

    Also what do you 'feel' is your body which is stopping you, are you feeling you are mentally stopping yourself.

    You know for everything that you 'want' in life, a sacrifice has to be made to make it come true. Do you feel you are a realistic person, or just more of a dreamer. Maby you need a stronger realistic connection with the 'earth' and understanding that effort is important in order to survive and achieve accomplishments. Its not really about wether its boring or not,remember

    work fast and efficiently.

    pick a skill & stick to it. The transitions between switching skills add up to a huge waste of time.

    figure out the most efficient methods to raise your skills mainly.

    exp rate when considering the opportunity cost of time

    don’t get bored and be too stubborn when it comes to achieving goals you set for yourself.

    Same thing , set challenges for yourself. severely hate having things incomplete.

    Life Is more of a test to challenge your abilities... set a goal and see if you can achieve it.

    Enjoy and have fun mainly in the constructive things you do. Set challenges for yourself and test your limits. It might even relax you.

    Impossible ambitions tend to disintegrate in the face of reality.

    Make sure they are possible from a practical standpoint.

    There is no failure except in no longer trying.There is no honour in giving up. There is no defeat except from within, no really insurmountable barrier save our inherent weakness of purpose.

    You have to give more meaning to your meaningless life.
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    You just called my life meaningless. :crying:

    Meh, I don't respond well to pep talk. I suppose, I'm not requesting a response then. :dunno:

    I've had so much pep talk. At this point, such pep talks basically feel like someone telling me that Santa Claus exists, when I know for a fact that he doesn't, but people still insist he exists.

    Survival of the fittest. If I can't man-up after USMC Boot Camp, it's simple, I'm just fucked. :bowdown:

    EDIT: Endocrinologist is looking into the possibility of me having Addisons Disease, but says that I most likely don't have it. Once, I get the results, I go back to my Psychiatrist.
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