SRS Problem. Maybe anxiety?

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by SeeD, Mar 7, 2006.

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    Ok i cannot pinpoint exactly what my issue is but i will do my best to describe it. Basicly me and a couple of friends have been having issues lately and it comes down to me tricking myself into thinking that their are problems in the relationships when their actually are not. I will over analyze every little detail of the littlest thing that bothers me. And analyze it to the point where i tell them about it when its not even their fault. If i dont it bothers me more and more until i destroy the relationship. Some nights i will pick through my days and the more i do the more issues i find that eat at me.

    has anyone else gone through the same thing? how did you get through it?
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    My advice = Do NOT become a victim of the paranoid.

    I never analyse things like that because the world will flow into another day anyway. Of course daily life is what you make of it but, imagine you are walking thru the city, do you think about the people you pass by? No?, they most likely aren't thinking about you either, every person goes their own way. You need to accept and understand that natural flow and way towards people a bit more by placing things into context , you can think on macro,medium,and micro level. Not all facets of life take place on the micro level, when you are with friends also try to pull things on the medium or macro level, so that you perceive things from a longer distance instead of killing the ant, but letting the elephants walk thru your life.

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