Problem w/ HP deskjet printer. Please help.

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Chris87, Dec 16, 2003.

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    I've been running win98 w/ an HP deskjet 722C printer for years now. Its worked fine, up until a few weeks ago.

    All of a sudden the computer doesn't recognize the printer anymore. I didn't fuck with anything either. It just stopped recognizing it. Its got power, but that's it.

    -checked the connection to the back of the comp, and taken the comp. cover off and checked the connection at the motherboard. Everything is fine.
    -tried to get the comp to scan the original win98se cd rom to re-install any missing drivers via the control panel-system-device manager. That never works. Once it checks the win98 disk is says its missing lpt.vxd file. It also says there's a "1FB" error code.
    -I've to install the driver from hp's site - I dnload an "iqplayer.exe" file, click to download it, and it immediately comes up with "ERROR - could not find script file"

    :wtf: :mad:

    Could someone please help me. :x:


    EDIT: It was the printer cable itself. :mad: Replaced it and everythin works fine. :cool:
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