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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by energie, Nov 11, 2008.

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    im asking this question to see what others opinions on it aer. My group of friends and I believe our one friend is bipolar or in depression

    He's a really good guy when hes sober but soon as he drinks he either becomes a idiot or gets really depressed/sad mood. He's either a gem and fun to be around with and good conversations or he's totally the opposite

    He recently moved back from another province back home into a apartment with a roommate. My one friend believes he got kicked out of his hosue and his uncle/dad got him a union welder job cause its nearly impossible to get fired from a union job in our economy (alberta = oil lots of trade jobs hard to lose work) to help him so he doesnt get fired for being like this.

    We havent tried talking to him about it because well, im not sure how we would.

    He's a good friend of ours, but it's come to the point none of us want to be around him when he's drinking or in case he has a mood swing and starts being depressed. There are nights we sit around one of the houses and just hangout/play xbox360 and chill but he gets bored and starts complaining he wants to go out. then other nights we want to go out he doesnt. So we stopped callin him as much and have come to the point we dont want to deal with him like that.

    But alot of our crew agreed even though we are finding it hard to chill with him when he drinks or in case he has mood swings we wont turn our backs on him.

    Anyway are we right in thinking he is bipolar/depressed? And is there anyhting we can do about it? Its pretty hard to talk to a friend and talk like that and we already know he wont say anything about it like most ppl who have problems denial will be a major problem
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    Looks like he's ready to attend AA meetings. A direct approuch would be not the good way to go about this, i definitly think just 'calling' him , or e-mailing him and telling your concerns is much better then him facing an entire group of friends and having to talk about it. Him 'wanting to go out' just means 'him wanting to drink to forget his problems'. I personally think this is a road to recovery question, but will leave a permanent redirect in here.

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