Problem with a TV Wonder card

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Oleg, Nov 20, 2005.

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    I just got a TV wonder Pro Card. The problem I am having is when I have my TV Tuner Window open and video is playing the video will eventually, with out intervention freeze. When this occurs sound remains, the window will either have a frozen part of the video showing or just a blank screen. When I attempt to close the TV window it does not close and freezes. I then go into Task Manager and try to end task on ATIMMC.EXE. Windows asks me if I want to end task, i say yes the TV window closes however The ATIMMC.exe file continues to run, using approximatly 90megs of ram, sometimes using some of the processor and even sometimes 50% of the processor. I have attempted to get newer versions of files of the website and have gone through installing and uninstalling software of the cd and the downloaded versions. Nothing seems to make this problem go away. I currently have a tri monitor system, with two video cards. I have disabbled the second card to see if that helped, it didnt. My current main video card is a radeon 9600 runing two monitors. I have DirextX 9.0c installed. And all the windows updates.

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