Problem with polishing/waxing 1985 AE86 Sprinter

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Incognito, Aug 31, 2003.

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    Hi All

    I have encountered a problem....

    My little brother recently bought himself a 1985 AE86 Sprinter, and the paint on the roof/bonnet/tailgate is all a silvery colour (car is blue)... also looks a bit like chalk in some places.

    My brother and i gave the car a good wash before partaking in what is described below...

    I had some polyglase 'cut and polish' and some 'turtle wax' sitting around (i know its not really good stuff, but its all that i had and i am very broke at the moment so i couldn't exactly go buy better stuff). I applied a little bit of the cut & polish to a small area of the roof and it made a big difference, bringing the paint back to a colour that generally resembles that of the rest of the car.

    I then decided to do the whole roof as it had such a good effect on the small area... Ok, now for the problems....
    * When applying, it just seemed to 'soak up', for lack of a better word, the cut and polish and i found myself using nearly a whole container on the roof alone, and it took roughly 4 hours to do.
    * The roof is now all a similar colour to the rest of the car, however it is very dull, has no shine.
    * After roughly 5 seconds of applying the cut & polish, the applicator pad would be BLACK, and i would have to go clean it out.
    * After applying the cut and polish, i couldn't wipe the polish off, as it would just wipe the 'blackness' back into the paint, so i had to get myself a wet terry towel and wipe it off that way.
    * I tried applying the turtle wax at the end, and it went all black as well, wasn't able to wipe it off, and wouldn't apply properly. So i had to use more cut & polish to get the now blackened wax off the paint.

    What is the problem with this car/me/my technique? i've never had this problem before on any of the other cars i've polished/waxed
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    Sounds like the clearcoat on the top of the car is history. Your only recourse is a repaint.

    The only other thing it may be is laquer checking if the paint is not a base coat/clearcoat paint job but a single stage paint. GM was notorious for this in the 80's. If this is the problem, when you look closely you will see very fine cracks in the paint and again, your only solution is a repaint.

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