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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by fck_stik, Mar 20, 2005.

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    hey guys, i figure if ANYONE can help me, you all can. i am in the Army currently in the hellhole affectionately referred to as Iraq. i am helping my section out by working on our computers (we are a bunch of mechanics), and i am pretty good with them, but i have ran into a problem i have never dealt with until now. our computers, a field-prepped laptop, has the Windows 2000 platform it runs on. one of the computers has stopped i made a boot-disk set. i put it in, turned it on, it went to the blue setup screen and then said that it had error code 7 and couldn't continue. after that it doesn't even go to the blue screen on other restarts with the boot disk, just a DOS screen and it says "Couldn't open the boot partition to check for a signature" Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration...Disk I/O error: Status:0000100B NTDETECT failed...and then it does nothing...anyone know what to do?

    thanks in advance guys!
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    Your repair disks, are they floppies or the Installation CD? Try the other. I mean, the repair process shouldn't error out until after it starts the repair process.

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