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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by JoeyCrack, Jul 14, 2005.

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    Recently within the past 4 months I took a new job within my company that basically changed my department and also my hours. I had been on nightwork 6pm to 6am and though the hours sucked i liked what I did. I now really like my hours 6am to 6pm but I hate my job.

    Ever since I've been in this new department I feel as though my supervisor is picking on me. He tends to find fault in everything I do and seems to also keep score of the things I do wrong (even though they are usually very minor) I've been at this company for 4 years prior and have been told many times I am a good worker, but now I feel like I can't do anything right.

    -I have a few options which is to go back to the old department and nightwork (which I really dont want)

    -Confront the supervisor and lay my feelings on the table to see what he has to say

    -Go to HR with my feelings and let them know but I'll probably cause a big shit storm that I don't really want to deal with since I have no proof he is targetting me besides my feelings

    Advice appreciated
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    Confront your super on the level. He'll probably appreciate that. Dont cause a uproar over something you may be being overly sensitive about, and be prepared for that to be the case. You may just be adjusting to the new position. If that is the case, prepare to shake the sand out of your panties and apologize.
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    hmmm, are you currently circulating your resume? never be content with your current position.
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    What's also important is that you must not be afraid of losing your job, you have to put the pedal to the metal and press the gass , so he will encounter some resistance. Put a grain of salt on all what he does/says. Tell him to stop being an ant-fucker, and tell him the mad house is in (point somewhere) that direction. Tell him to stop talking to you and go back to work. (from now on always imagine you are his supervisor) and not the other way around. Tell him to piss of otherwhise you'll kick his butt, and tell him how utterly annoying it is that he is constantly breathing in your neck and causing your stress. If that doesn't help, walk away. Every time he comes to you walk away.
    There are some people (idiots) on this world , who instead of playing on the ball play on the player. You have to stand ground, heck they usually always win the argument, but not without a fight, show him your not to be messed around with.
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    Look for other jobs first. Have several good leads and some offers. Then, after you have that squarely tucked away under your belt, and only then is it time to speak to your supervisor.

    Now you have options, you have power. If you didn't have options, you'd likely come off either bitchy and whiny and complain about the shitty treatment and how you deserve better than this shit (a definite NO-NO) or else you'd come across all soft and whimpering and basically beg for better.

    Either tack is wrong. Once you get some power in your corner (by having real, legitimate options to leave) then you can straighten up, and approach your supervisor calmly, coolly, and professionally.

    Discuss the situation in a detached professional manner, almost as if you were a lawyer speaking on your client's behalf.

    Don't ever lose your cool. There's no need for it anyway, if you set up the situation correctly.
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    speaking from experience, I have been in your shoes before ...

    and I confronted the supervisor in question ...

    this was a she, not a he, but basically, I complained to her face that she kept chasing me around for my mistakes, and I didn't like it, nor respect it.

    she gave me a bullshit excuse about how it happened more than once, so she came to me.

    my problem was that she was only telling me the PROBLEM not the SOLUTION.

    fucking ass hats.

    long story short, I quit due to time wasted either arguing on bullshit like this, or having more asshats under her charge following me around and pointing things out also ...

    rather annoying isn't it??

    just remember it on your way up, ok?? I certainly will!!

    btw, as has been said, don't be afraid to lose your job!!

    be straight up and honest with them, and you should see their point-of-view ...

    I did, and disagreed and moved on ...

    it will be your choice at the end of the day!!

    good luck, chief!! :)
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    Did you have a good working relationship with your old supervisor in the old department? If so, talk to him/her (if you trust that person) and see what he/she has to say. Perhaps also talk to friends and family members...I would assume at least one other person in your life has been down this same road who could tell you the do's and dont's of how to handle the situation. We work to live, but not live to work, but we have to make sure we can live with the people we work closely with :hs: (and I dont mean under the same roof :p)

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