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    when ever i type a certain letter, it adds another one

    for example:


    i have to delete letters every time
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    I've had that happen to me once. The rubber layer under the keys were misaligned with the contacts on the pcb board(s). Where if you press one key, the rubber layer will strike something else or in your case, strike other keys. If you've ever taken a keyboard apart or any electronic device with buttons, like a remote, calculator, or controller, you'll know what I am talking about.

    Anyway, the easiest thing to fix this is to literally take apart your keyboard and put it back together again. It's fairly simple.

    This is a good time to thoroughly clean the keyboard too. Take it all apart, set aside all the minimal electronics it comes with. Put everything else, including the keys, rubber layers, shell, etc, in either a bowl of warm water with some bleach or even your dishwasher. Or however you want to clean it. It's all the same. It will come out feeling like new.
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    Y'know, I was just looking at my keyboard and all of those letter/number combinations you listed are lined up from the top of the keyboard to the bottom.

    IIRC, last time I had my keyboard opened up, the keys were all connected in some kind of wiring matrix. It could be that column on your keyboard's wiring matrix is malfunctioning; if the circuit board were misaligned, I would think all of the keys would fire off two letters at once when you pressed them.

    In any event, you should definitely try the same keyboard plugged into a different computer, and a different keyboard plugged into your computer, just to make sure the keyboard is actually causing the problem. It seems pretty obvious that it is the problem, but it's always good to be certain.
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    need more info...

    does a different keyboard still do this?

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