problems with a burned DVD

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by sublime, Jun 21, 2004.

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    Hey all.. I downloaded a 4gig dvd rip of ****** and wanted to make it a dvd, and as you can probably tell im new to this all so a lil help will be appreciated. i asked around on how to burn the dvd so it would play in my PS2 and was told to just put the VIDEO_TS folder and its contents onto the DVD, so i did as i was told and burned the DVD.. tryed it out on my computer and it plays ok. Popped it into the PS2 and it doesnt recognize the DVD.. is it just the PS2 wont play burned DVDs or did i fuck up somewhere?
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    you need a mod chip in your ps2 to play burn dvds

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    When i had mine it worked with my PS2...but i had the Remote control kit which included the updated DVD software (goes in memory card) - it played fine with the updated software...however when I sold my memory card the burned DVDs would no longer work

    just get the updated DVD software and it should work

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