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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by suicide, Apr 21, 2005.

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    so i am using anydvd for quite some time and a couple of days ago i wanted to update it to v5.0.0.0... so i installed it and rebooted my computer... but after i restarted it anydvd had messed up my dvd drives... when i put a dvd in or even a cd the computer doesnt recognize the new media... it always says that i have to put in a media. but when i quit anydvd suddenly everything is working fine again and i can play dvds. and when i start anydvd again the computer can still read the dvd that i inserted before but there are some weird reading errors when i try to play the movie... the sound and the picture are messed up.

    even after i uninstalled anydvd and installed the previous version i was using the error is still there... even restoring the system w/ the windows restore thing didnt work...

    does anyone have or had the same problem? or does anyone have a solution?

    i'd really appreciate your help

    thanks and cya

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