problems with jeep GC trailer light connection

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by tenchuninja, Aug 18, 2002.

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    i have a 1996 jeep grand cherokee with the towing package. the stock connector for the trailer wiring is an "RV" type. link for what i'm talking about . i bought an "rv" to four conductor adapter a while back so i can use it with those standard flat connectors for trailers. it's worked before, but today i tried it and the damn thing is broke.

    there's voltage at the terminals (says my voltmeter), but it just doesn't light up the test light or the trailer lights. i even checked every single fuse, just to rule that out.

    anyone know what may be the matter? i did a search at jeeps unlimited and didn't find anything that helped.
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    thats odd... are you sure your getting a good connection?

    whats the reading on the voltmeter?
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    Where'd you buy that adaptor, anyway? I need one for my boat.. wasn't aware of such a thing.
  4. tenchuninja

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    wal-mart carries it. gi joes does too. i think it's real easy to find. it's in there with the trailer hitchs and stuff.
  5. tenchuninja

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    it's not what's to be expected. that's for sure. i know what voltages are applied to which "pin" for each "signal" and they don't match up.

    i get voltages that's supposed to light up the test light, but don't. this makes me think that there is something limiting the current.

    on JU, i found references to a relay system behind the right rear panel. i found no such thing.

    might there be a bad relay? a fuse that needs replacing? if there is, i can't seem to find it. :confused:

    i haven't checked this thread in a while since i didn't have the need to tow anything in a while. now, i'm planning on going fishing with the boat tomorrow. :sad:

    EDIT: i don't know where the hell i got those voltage readings from. :confused:
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  6. tenchuninja

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    well, i found out what it was.

    MY JEEP IS "TOW READY" AND DOESN'T HAVE THE "TOW PACKAGE" - which means that i have the hitch and the RV connector. the connector goes to a dead end in a comparment behind the spare tire on the rear quarter panel. :rolleyes:

    what i need is a tow relay pack. wonder how much that will set me back. :mad:

    this little gem saved me a few hours.

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