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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Scn64, Dec 30, 2005.

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    Currently, my computer has 1 stick of 1GB 3200 DDR RAM from Crucial. I decided to upgrade to 2GB and got another 1GB stick of 3200 DDR RAM from Ultra. I installed the new ram into the second ram slot. When I booted my computer, Windows XP detected the new ram just fine. However, after about 10 minutes my computer went to a blue screen for a split second and then restarted. I thought it might just be a random error so I let the computer start up again. The same thing happened after several minutes.

    When I removed the new ram the problem went away. At first I thought the new ram must just be defective. To be sure, I tried installing the new ram by itself in the 1st slot. This time no errors occurred. This led me to believe that maybe there was something wrong with the second ram slot.

    I tried installing my old ram back into the 1st slot and the new ram into the third slot. Again, the same error happened. Now I tried taking out the new ram and installing the old ram, by itself, in the third slot to test for the possibility of slots 2 and 3 being bad. The ram worked just fine in the third slot.

    Finally, I tried installing the new ram in the 1st slot since it had worked there before and I left the old ram in the third slot. To make things slightly more confusing, my computer didn’t get the exact same error this time. First, Explorer crashed several times in a row. Then I got another blue screen and the computer restarted. This time, though, it never got back to windows. The screen just remained black and a long 3-4 second beep kept cycling.

    Does anyone know what might be the problem? My motherboard can supposedly support up to 3GB, so 2 shouldn’t be too much for it. Both sticks work by themselves...just not together. :dunno:

    Cliffs: bought new stick of ram. New stick works by itself and old stick works by itself. When installed together, I get a blue screen error and restart.
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    There might be problems with both the old memory and new memory working together? :dunno: I always tend to buy the exact same RAM when I'm upgrading.

    I would assume defective memory. RMA that stick and get a new one. You're surely to find the culprit second time around.
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    This is why you ALWAYS want to buy memory (or CPUs) in pairs. You want to have the same brand, same speed, same model, and if possible the same production batch.

    Sell both sticks you have and go out and buy 2 new ones at the same time. :hs:

    You're trying to run them as double rate DDR, right? If so, you might check your mobo manual and see if there are a combo of 2 of the 3 mem slots you can use where the board doesn't try to run them as double rate. :dunno:

    But if you already were trying them as normal single rate, nevermind... you're prob going to need to replace them. :hs:
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