Problems with my system, need help.

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by prod, Dec 26, 2001.

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    Okay, this is what I have in my Toyota Tacoma Xtra Cab...

    Head: Kenwood Z828 MP3 CD Player

    Amps: Sony Xplod 800w 4channel for highs
    Sony Xplod 1000w Class D amp for sub

    Sub: 1 Kicker Solo-Baric 10" Woofer in a sealed box.

    Okay, here's the deal, I bought the sub and box at Al & Eds Autosound.... took it to my friend at best buy and he told me to get the Sony amp to run it, got the amp, he installed it and we hooked the sub up and on some songs it just pops and doesn't sound good at all. It's wired at 1ohm? I think and he said it's pushing the full 1000w to the sub. So it doesn't sound good.... we put a sony xplod 12" in a ported box in there and it bumped atleast twice as hard. I was extremely pissed of. I went back to Al & Eds and told him what happened, he asked me what amp I had and I told him, he said it wasn't enough power, he came, listened to it and said that I am underpowering the sub. So, I call up Matt and Matt tells me I'm OVERpowering the sub. I really don't know who is telling me the truth!

    The guy at Al & Eds told me to get a PPI amp, so I did... I have yet to hook it up to the sub to see if it pushes it harder. I just want someones opinion on this. I know SHIT about stereos and stuff.

    I'm going to hook up the PPI, if it doesn't sound better than that sony, i'm going to get a 12 kicker, if that doesn't work, i'm taking them both back, keeping the sony and getting that xplod 12 and saving a whole lot of money.

    The PPI amp I have says it will push 1 x 500w... I don't know what that means but the guy at al and eds said that it will push that kicker to its full potential and that the sony amp was only pushing it at about 30% of it's potential.

    Please, someone help, I'm spending alot of money I don't have on this... I want to do this right.
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    I had Solo 10's and 12's, they will take a lot of clean power. My 10's had 300w at 4 ohms each, they hit pretty hard, coz there was no distortion. My 12's had about the same with different amps but I still ran them at 4 ohms. What size is you box, 10's need about 1cu.ft of air space, no more.


    well if it is a sony 1000 watt amp you are putting too much power to the amp run a higher ohm load or buy a diff sub.. i havnt seen a kicker 10in sub able to handle 1000 watts soo

    so like i said 1000 watts is TOO MUCH POWER for any kicker 10
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    1000 watts is not too much for any Kicker 10. Ever heard of the L7g, that can take it easy, and around 2k for burps. You may be having impedance issues with the solo. To get 1000 watts out of that sony amp (which is max power, true power is a few hundred less) it has to be wired for 1 ohm. And I dont think they made a dual 2 ohm round solobaric 10. If it is the square solobaric you need to go get a dual 2 ohm sub, and have that wired in parallel to create a 1 ohm mono load. If that sub is a SVC sub then it is probably a 4 ohm sub and you are not getting near enough out of that amp.

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