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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by dinger, Jun 18, 2005.

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    Anyone in here dealt with a case of stuttering? I have a stutter in my speech and it's made my life more difficult. In particular, it makes talking on the phone difficult, and also makes me afraid of meeting new people. (Kinda embarassing when you can't say your name:)) I know it's a psychological condition and that being nervous makes it worse, which in turn tends to harm my self-confidence. I've tried various tricks to get around it, including trying to relax myself, using word substitutions, breathing out when initiating a sentence, and while most tend to work, nothing seems to be 100% reliable. Anyone else deal with this? How do you go about it?
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    ^ I have the same problem. And I have a little accent and there's a few words I literally can't say. Who cares. Just slow down, speak loud, and clear. You'll be good. That's all there is. I know 'cuz its the same for me. :big grin: Kinda bugs me when people keep saying "huh, what'd you say" but if they know you, it's just something they'll deal with and that's normally fine. People will know you for who you are.

    Enjoy your night. :big grin:
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    hello dinger, hows it going??

    just curious, but have you heard that concept that what you think upon, you will become??

    because I think that you holding yourself to the need to stutter not only holds you back, but limits you to holding onto that belief that you are a stutterer ...

    can you do something for me?? (rhetorical)

    can you say: "I speak confidently, and with such power that I am over-flowing with confidence!!"

    5 times??

    maybe then say it 5 times once a day (if that makes sense ...)

    and see how you go??

    and just stop focusing on the stuttering??

    so that you can move on ... :big grin:
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    Thinking ahead is important , when you form a sentence in your head before you speak it (clearly form it in your mind) you know what you are going to say, and then you don't have to stutter, because everything you will say is in-line.

    Throwing in a few tricks on top of that is important too.

    If someone meets you (be prepared) (it's bound to happen again)

    Have an opening sentence.

    ' Hi there my name is karl Johnson,nice to meet you'

    or just 'hi' will do too.

    usually you have to explain what you do


    'have sentences prepared of 'what your work is , what your age is ,what you do on a daily basis, and what your opinions on things are'

    When you speak' don't ' think much about it, because you already thought about it and formed your sentence before speaking about it.

    Just spit it out what you are trying to say.
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    A friend of my brother's worked in my company for a while. He had a bad bad stutter.

    But what I admired him for was that it never bothered him or slowed him down one bit. He carried a smile everywhere he went, worked hard, and generally had fun talking with people despite his obvious difficulty. There was even a period where he volunteered to take on phone calls and customer sales.

    Nobody thought of him any less because of his problem... he worked a few years and then went on to pursue a different career. In the end, we all remember him for his funny nature & positive attitude rather then his stutter.

    We're all prone to notice our own shortcomings & expect others to be more critical about them then they really are. The way to solve it is to accept ourselves and just live life knowing nobody really cares about them if you're a good person.

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