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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Sotangledup, Dec 3, 2005.

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    I've been suffering from depression all my life. It's not a chemical imbalance, I'm just pretty traumatized and suffer from social anxiety which then led to this depression. I have tried drugs but unfortunately the side effects made stop taking both celeca & lexapro. I'm currently in theraphy.

    As part of the depression I have pretty bad procastination. I mean I do a lot, I have a little girl, I go to school full time & such but I'm too lazy to look for a job, I completely lack a social life.

    There are times in which I promise myself to get moving and not feel bad for myself. I do for like a week but then either a comment or something will bring me down and I'll sit infront of the computer and spend all day doing so, even skipping classes.
    I can never semm to start project or follow my ambitions. Sometimes I do and it pays off but I mostly never do anything I really want to do.

    How do you guys overcome procastination? I'm sick of sitting not following my dreams, leaving everything for later.

    How do you find self-confidence to do things? I feel having low self steem makes me be so scared of things I keep procastinating everything out of the fear of success and being in the spotlight and doing so for so long has made me a lazy fuck.

    suggestions to get me moving?
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    Gotta start things, then stay in the habit. Exercise much? You wouldn't believe the rush from an endorphine high.
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    Care,for all is like a bonsai tree
    Never do tomorrow what you can do today.

    Procastrination is a bitch, you need to get a get up n go attitude.

    Basically i say to myself , if i don't invest effort i'll be digging my own grave. And that basically can get me up and going.

    What's important is that you DO NOT listen to any doom thinking, you have to see yourself as a salmon climbing up a river , to reach the top you have to go against the current which is CONSTANTLY against you!. Take the salmon as an example for even tho the odds are constantly against it, it manages to get to the top. And when things get to hard, it rests a while, and then makes a leap against that waterfall, which could resemble your problems.

    Don't let people belittle you, let them look at their own lives, in life you have to go thru the fires to reach your goal.

    Don't go whine or bitch or delay. IMMEDIATLY stand up and do what you have to do. Not tomorrow but NOW! force yourself again and again and again.
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    I'm basically the same as you man.... except that i'm a raging pothead too.

    I think there is no easy answer, you just have to stop making excuses to yourself and start things. I'm still trying.
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    It is a chemical imbalance.

    Unless you are going to tell me it's a spiritual imbalance. Your pyche is directly affected by chemicals, and being where you have been you will not be able to significantly affect your pyche without altering it so it begins an upward curve.

    First I recommend you buy a vitamin B complex, omega 3 capsules, and valerian for your anxiety. You must begin to balance this downward curve to a parelle line then upwards, this is achieved through brain health management. B complex will help with depression more then significantly, omega 3 will improve health and provide stasis for your brain, and valerian is great for anxiety if you are avoiding stronger perscriptions.

    Paxil is a much better antidepressant that targets both anxiety and depression so effectively. It took 3 months to work for me, and if you give it up too early you will just swear it off as weaksauce. There may be a hiccup or two, some issues that come with Rx medication, so you will need to maintain a steady lifestyle through this transition.

    Do not do illegal drugs. Marijuana got in the way of a lot of progress for me and I have smoked just as much pot as you or anyone on this forum. As much as I could buy (not afford) for years of my life. This is a step back or crashing on your couch, not moving forward. Alcohol is a mask. All drugs can either mask or help. Paxil indeed helps cope but makes you happy, which gives you motivation to kill your problems.

    Heed my advice and good luck.

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