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    I search far and wide to bring the Men of OT the best products for their dollar. Here are my reviews of a few higher-end products from the UK, King of Shaves.

    Formula Alpha Shaving Oil=> This pre shave oil is so slick that I am able to shave without any extra cream/gel. Application is simple; add a few drops to your hands, rub your hands together once or twice and then apply in circular motions to your beard. This product contains menthol, which gives a cooling sensation upon contact. When I use this product, I never get cut. A must in my shaving regimen.

    AlphaGel DDS Shaving Gel Natural Unmentholated=> This gel is different than any most of you have used. First off, it doesn't lather, you just smooth it across your face. I like this because less product is used and your face stays wet. Also, since the product is clear, you can see where you are shaving, which is great for goatees and sideburns. I never get irritation or cuts with this gel; it's that slick. Used in conjunction with the shave oil, I've gotten the best shave a man can get with a mach 3. I sincerely recommend this product.

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