GUN Project E-Portal Gun Seizure

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    Police displayed dozens of submachine guns,
    semi-automatic handguns, even a fully automatic
    MAC-10, and a Colt AR15 assault rifle. Over one hundred illegal weapons, worth an estimated $350 thousand dollars.

    Project E-Portal was the joint effort of Twelve police agencies. The investigation spanned British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, targeting gun suppliers, brokers and importers.

    Some of the guns had been converted from semi to fully automatic. Other guns were military surplus, thought to have been melted down, but instead, reassembled. Some of the weapons had been smuggled from the United States.

    Ten British Columbia men faced charges relating to firearms trafficking and conspiracy.

    Police believe the guns would likely have been sold to criminal groups to further their illegal activities.

    :eek3: damn thats a lot of stens!

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