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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by gui3, Sep 30, 2003.

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    i'm looking into gettin an Infocus X1 for my use as a TV screen & and a computer screen.

    the specs:

    Brightness (ANSI Lumens): 1000
    Engine Projection Technology: DLP
    Number of colors supported: 16M
    Maximum resolution displayed: 800 x 600
    Lamp Life (hours): 3000

    and i keep reading reviews like this:

    RATING 1/5
    Do not buy, bad rainbow and screendoor. Don't let the price fool you, get the Panasonic. Much better buy. I am exchanging for an LCD unit. The rainbow effect is VERY distracting. Also, using a $150 box to go from interlaced to progressive scan, I lose control over color and tint. Why? Who knows


    "RATING: 5/5

    Unbelievable performance!
    What really got me interested in this product was the price and the rave reviews. I was apprehensive all through until I saw the performance. I've had this projector for over 3 months now. I must have used it for over 100 hours. All I can say is WOW! I know people that have paid a few grand for Plasma and rear projection HDTVs...... I wish they had waited to see this product. I wouldn't be surprised, if in a few years TVs become obsolete, if more manufacturers come up with such affordable quality projectors (unless they want InFocus to dominate the market)! The on-board scaler (Foroudja) is what that primarily does the magic! Not once, have I regretted for not having gone for a XGA projector. We got to watch Dish TV (not the HD transmission) and the image was great, so well scaled up. We've watched quite a few movied on DVD (component video), the quality was unbelievable. I'm yet to connect the projector to a HD source. I'm pretty sure that will be a treat. In the VIDEO mode, I'd to increase the brightness (to 70) and contrast (to 73) to consistently see a very high contrast and quality image. I think in VIDEO mode, the bulb is in econo-mode (meaning we might see brightness between 500 - 600 lumens, as opposed to 1000 lumens when connected to PC)"

    anyone help?
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    they're not bad looking projectors but they sure do seem to have reliability problems.:down: A buddy sells them and he calls them NoFocus since they're always dying.
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    this thread didnt help

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