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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Camp OTE, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Feb 10, 2002
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    My sportbike is for sale and I have it listed in a few local papers/bike traders. I've had a few calls, and some people are coming to look at it in a few days.

    Would you expect or have you had someone let you take a bike for a test drive? I've never bought a used bike so any thoughts/experiences would be appreciated.
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    it depends on the bike really. In general, my attitude is no test rides. If you like the bike, buy it. Once I have certified funds in hand, it's your's and you have a half hour to ride it and bring it back no questions asked in the same condition.

    a guy on SBN got fucked because his neighbor totalled his bike on a test ride, and now refuses to pay even though he verbally agreed, it's just REALLY sticky. Best to avoid the situation.
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    If you rode over on a motorcycle to buy my motorcycle, I'd gladly let you ride it. On my last sale, where I sold my Ninja 500R, we met the buyer about halfway at a truckstop and he looked over the bike, started it up, ect. About 20 minutes into it, he asked if he could ride it (he graduated MSF course 6 months prior). I asked to let me see the check, he produced it, and promptly hopped on the bike and did laps around the large truck parking area that was empty (daytime). About 30 seconds into the ride he layed the bike down hard on the good clean side (I sold it pre-wrecked after the mailman knocked it over with his truck, nothing serious).

    Good thing he was 100% ok and the bike suffered a bent clutch handle, broken turn signal and a few scratches on the fairing and muffler. He was a good guy though and sucked it up, asked me to ride the bike back to the trailer, and bought it.

    I would have NEVER let this guy take a ride before buying the bike. However, I always let random strangers I run into on the road ride my bike if they are also riding, and have never had a problem with another rider.
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    good question, I'm also selling my bike and have wondered what to do in this situation. thanks
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    Apr 7, 2002
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    You don't have to let them ride your bike. I wanted to buy my first bike last summer and I looked on the net for some info. I read that they usually don't let you ride their bike (insurance, etc etc).

    I went to check a 1986 Ninja 1000R and the guy let me ride it, even though I was 19 at the time and the rear tire needed to be replaced and the bike wasn't insured. I don't know why I accepted to test-drive it... it wasn't really smart but it was in a rural area with perfect road conditions though

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