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    I have heard ScottWax mention it but how does it keep from scratching the paint on the car? It seems like not rinsing a car before washing would leave debris to scratch the car. What kind of results can be expected? If it works like it is supposed to, it is a hell of a product. I'll have to get some.
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    I've been using Quick and Easy Wash for about 11-12 years now. The stuff works as advertised! A whole lot of people on (a detailing site) are also using it and there are several current threads over there about it.

    Here is some techinical information about it:

    The answers are from a Champion (the manufacturer of the product) representative:

    Where does the dirt go?

    The best answer I can give you is "into the towel or wash mitt and then into the bucket." The agents in Quick & Easy Wash are a blend of Surfactants, surface active agents in lay persons terms. These agents are already in use, and have been, in traditional car washing products used in both, hand wash and line wash systems. So the science is not new or unique, just the application. What sets our product apart from the crowd is mostly the lack of SUDS, amongst other and various and sundry other subtleties.

    Suds are an unnecessary byproduct of soap. When Quick & Easy Wash is used in the washing process the suds are eliminated and the surfactants do the work. Part of the work they do is to envelope or suffocate the surface. Two things happen, the electrostatic or chemical bond between the dirt solids and or hydrocarbon solids (this covers most of the soils found on cars) is broken. Next, these soils are enveloped or wrapped and trapped into the surfactant and then into the washing media such as a towel or wash mitt. At rinse time, the towel is plunged into either a clean bucket of water ( using the two bucket method ) or back into the Quick & Easy Wash. In either case the same is true, the dirt solids succumb to the rinsing motion and use gravity to fall out of the washing media and fall to the bottom of the bucket. You can see this if you look into your bucket after doing a wash job.

    Definately true-I've wondered why there was always dirt at the bottom of the bucket when I finished, now I know!

    How come it doesn't scratch?

    In order to address potential scratching, the product contains a element that crosses the lines between polymers, lubricants, and waxes. It is true that if you bear down on a wet cloth over a dirty surface you will get scratches. However, our products make up will help to minimize the occurrence. So don't press down hard, with any washing product. Let's face it, scratching can occur even on a totally clean surface with a poor selection of washing media. Chose and dedicate washing cloths or mitts to a specific task and use them for nothing else. My current best pick for washing media is material called Microfiber, it is easy to find and we are working presently with an importer/manufacturer to bring it to our line of products, but that's another topic for another time.
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    :cool: Thanks Scott

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