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  1. Spiderwoman

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    I'm looking to sell my PS1, mainly because i need some extra cash for my move out of KY... can anyone tell me what would be a reasonable asking price for it? i have a few games that go with it too.... NHL 98, Ten Pin Alley, Caesars Palace, WWF RAW, Wheel Of Fortune, and a couple of Demo discs. I would take it to funcoland but i've heard that they only give store credit, so that won't do me any good. Well if someone would just let me know, thanks.
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    how many controllers. $50??? check ebay and see what they're goin for
  3. Spiderwoman

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    i think i have 2 controllers...... i'm going to really search for it right now.. i didn't use it much when i had it... so i don't see any need for it if i didn't use it to begin with...... i found my games so i definatly know that i have Wheel of Fortune, NHL 99, WWF War Zone, Pro Pinball, Caesar's Palace, Ten Pin Alley... i might keep some of the games since i'm getting a PS2 for christmas. thanks
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    does it have a modchip on it?
  5. Spiderwoman

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    what is a modchip?
  6. Patch

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    For playing burnt games

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