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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by eatrice, Feb 12, 2003.

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    Originally posted in OTGaming forum:

    I bought my PS2 DVD remote last night and since I have an older model PS2 I need a 8MB memory card to hold the drivers. I have a memory card but its one of those 16MB (Memory Manager) ones that need a CD during booting up so that the PS2 detects it. So I start my PS2 as per usual (using memory card CD), hit Start > start game, then put the DVD remote CD in. It then states that it cannot detect the memory card - if I then take the DVD remote CD out, the screen shows a memory card and I can browse it.

    Here is the quote for the remote:
    "If you have one of the earlier PS2s you need to use a memory card to hold the drivers, which are downloaded from a CD-ROM that the remote comes with. New adapters of the system don't need to worry about this as apparently the newer systems come equipped with the latest drivers right out of the box (PS2 model number SCPH-30001R is the magic unit). "

    Has anyone in here figured out how to get around this? or do I ultimately have to buy an 8MB card just for this? The PS2 is not modified - will modifying it help?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated

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    This is somthing im familier call me ignorant...but cant you just boot eh PS2 with the DVD remote CD?
  3. eatrice

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    You would think so but that didn't work either.

    So looks like i'll be either giving back the DVD remote or getting an 8MB PS2 Memory card and getting rid of the 16MB one.

    Thanks anyways.

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