SRS Psychiatrist wants me to see a Endocrinologist and come back in a month....

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by EYOB, Oct 20, 2008.

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    Jesus Christ, a month ??

    He set me up to call a specific endocrinologist clinic. He also said it would take awhile to set up an appointment with them. If I can find another that can set up an appointment sooner, I'll go with him instead. It's been 3 weeks since my last visit to the psychiatrist. I don't want to wait another fucking month.

    After looking at my lab results for blood work and urinalysis, I was told my DHEA and Androsterone is low (my mojo). The psych believes it's more physical than mental with me. I just think he doesn't want give a black guy drugs. :o
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    No, he's doing his job right. Hypothyroid can cause symptoms that are pretty similar to depression and if it's the problem then the treatment is definetly not the same.
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    I haven't had a job since the end of July. I'm basically waiting till I can get some type of answer, like: Your normal, deal with it, your testosterone levels are low, we'll fix it, you have ADHD we'll medicate you for it, or something alone those 3 answers, before I get another job. I got about $2,500, living with my father, and hardly any bills to pay. I'm gonna wait till I receive some specific response before getting a job. And I'm not doing anything in the mean time.
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    Care,for all is like a bonsai tree
    Thoughts x Action = Reality.

    You lack discipline, or in other words you're not 'strict' enough with yourself.

    Doing important things first > having fun

    Discipline is an 'art' ,that you must learn. Lazyness leads to nowhere, while persistance is the key to succes.

    BUT , if you ask me your energy system is blocked.

    I don't know if you know anything about the aura and how chakra's can become blocked, and then healed thru Reiki healing. But extreme fatigue can be caused because of a non-functioning energy system, but you might want to look into that , thru Bhuddism and Reiki you can refind your balance. But i feel that these concepts are an 'out of your world' subject, however feel free to explore it, in more practical sense i would say 'track and field' is the way to go for you. Because it 'always' requires you to be 'on time'.

    You know, responsibility is something that comes along with being mature, i was just like you, lazy, never on time. Rather doing fun things, procastrinate. Not being able to see the 'use' of it all. I was totally blind, and never looked into the details of thing. You know, i needed a 'wake up call' so im just going to say what thru experience i had to learn myself.

    This is not La La La pukie pukie fantasyland, your life is 'pure survival' you first need to help yourself, and help other people along the way. There's a 'reason' why you are doing all this, you for example need to stop eating for 3 weeks, stop drinking for 3 weeks, you'll starve, you'll be caught by a great thirst, and that is the reason why we work. So we don't starve to death, and don't die from thirst. Same counts for school, your not going to school because they want to punish you, you're in school for yourself. So that instead of living a shit life as a farmer, or any of the insignificant jobs you've been doing, you'd be improving your life. Yes, the meaning of a diploma is so that you can stop doing the shit job you hate, and be able to do a nice job that you get paid for x 10 compared to that shit job, you'd be able to buy that dream house you'd be looking forward living in instead of some army tent.

    People don't work for fun, people don't goto school for fun either. You need to start asking yourself a couple of questions on 'why' are they doing this? Is there a reason maby behind it?

    Doing nothing = results in nothing. People procastrinate because they only want to do fun things, but the reality =

    Waiting won't work.

    Just get the damn job done.

    You want to deliver a good job, you want to come in time. Then get a get up n go attitude that brings along a productive labour in the end.

    (But what if i tell myself all these things, but i never get anything done)

    Its because you need to 'kick your own ass' into doing things.

    Why is an army instructor able to get you to do things, as wel as your boss?

    Its because they put you under pressure. Your body is pretty much like a kettle, no heat no pressure = not doing anything. You need to increase the amount of pressure on yourself and demand that you get things done.

    It's a whole change of attitude that you have to go thru. Set 2 alarmclocks, one to wake you up, and a second that tells you when you need to leave,

    You know the whole thing about coming in too late is that you don't feel any pain when you come too late, but the thing is that you have got to experience coming late vice versa to really hate it.

    Imagine you ordered something really important, they say it will come tomorrow, in reality your package comes 45 months too late. Now that would make you go into 'ultra mega hyper hatred mode' :madfawk:, and now imagine how you are doing the same thing every time you come late to your boss, sucks doesn't it?

    BE RESPONSIBLE, come in time, work hard to succeed, do your best in school, hate lazyness.

    Ask yourself the question, do i really want to be a lazy pig? No of course not, Living a lifestyle like that is death, you want to be a productive member of society , not for society's sake, but for your own sake.

    You need to start making priorities, you need to change your attitude, who you are , your 'approuch' towards things needs to change.

    Ban all fun things out of your life, start working seriously on where the problems lie, make a schedule for yourself, heed to that schedule so you can live a productive lifestyle, making the most of your day. Its the reason why farmers wake up so early, to make the most of their day. You also need to start making the most of your life, we can only advice and guide , but winning the war is up to you.
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    Dude, if it is your thryroid, that is WAY easier to treat than if you've got serotonin/dopamine/whatever imbalances. Your symptoms will clear up faster and with less side effects, too.

    The side effects of thyroid medication are like nothing. Now go google SSRI side effects; just reading about them can make you depressed.

    I think.
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