SRS Putin declares war in Ukraine, surprising no one


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Jun 30, 2007

Ukraine accuses Russia of forcibly deporting over 210,000 children​

KYIV, May 13 (Reuters) - Ukraine said on Friday Russia had forcibly deported more than 210,000 children since its invasion on Feb. 24 and accused Moscow of wanting to make them Russian citizens.

Human rights ombudswoman Lyudmyla Denisova said the children were among 1.2 million Ukrainians who Kyiv says have been deported against their will.


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Jun 30, 2007

A bridge too far for Russian invaders as whole battalion destroyed in failed river crossing mission​

The complex operation, dramatically foiled by Ukrainian forces, is emblematic of the Kremlin’s wider struggles in the latest phase of war

Military experts agree that crossing any river in the middle of a conflict is not easy. But the Russian army’s attempt to build a pontoon over the Siverskyi Donets river was so catastrophically flawed that it ended with a significant portion of a battalion wiped out in the process.

Reports, albeit unverified, suggest the river, its banks and the surrounding forests are now the graveyard for up to 1,000 Russian troops. If correct, the failed crossing of the Donets would represent the single biggest loss of life suffered by Vladimir Putin’s forces since the war began 78 days ago.



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Jun 30, 2007
fucking ded



Hepinize daha iyiyim
Didn't staging that Reichstag Fire fake coup buy him some time a while back
That was 2016 but yes that bought him some popularity. His party lost the election in every major city last time and they even had a do over election in Istanbul so they lost twice. I've almost never met anyone who likes him but he keeps winning. Probably not the most reliable system here. One can hope.

Dr. Charisma

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Dec 28, 2003
The funny thing about Russia and other troglodytes accusing NATO of conducting a proxy war is that is exactly what Russia's invasion of Ukraine was intended to be. A proxy war against NATO. Which is a proxy war against the US. One of their stated goals was to stop NATO from accepting countries that insisted on joining. To weaken NATO. To push back its borders.

But since their invasion failed so completely now they are whining about NATO it's fighting a proxy war against them. It's like... The ship has sailed as far as the West feeling guilty about actually standing up to you. Regardless of if you call it a proxy war or act like it is crossing the line for countries to aid their ally when it is being invaded or try to act like it is unfair that the West actively now wants to hurt you so you can't do it again, this is all on you. You chose this war. You decide every day to continue to hurt yourself by continuing this war. You can fuck off with whining about it.

You burned any bridges of the West thinking it might have gone too far when you started targeting civilians and raping children in occupied territories. Russia should be counting its lucky stars that their worst complaint is the proxy part of the proxy war. Whether it is a proxy war doesn't make the actions any less just and we can remove the proxy part whenever we choose.

Hmm... Who else has been fucking the "proxy war!!!!11" chicken here lately? :hmm:

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