SRS Putin declares war in Ukraine, surprising no one

Lazy D.

Ukrainian OG
Oct 10, 2000
From the interview with a Russian billionaire Konstantin Malofeev

For a Russian president to turn into an emperor and for Russia to turn into an empire is the logical conclusion from all the research that I and a group of scientists have conducted over four years. Russia can only be an empire - this is its real and only possible form of existence. Without a great mission, we, Russians, are no different from Ukrainians - the same as they are: by genotype, by blood. We are united by all but one thing: we have an imperial idea, but they do not.

Right now we are an authoritarian state, thank God. We are controlled by one center of power: that is why Russia has not yet disintegrated, defying constant attempts to destroy us through hybrid, digital, economic, any other war waged against us. We have survived because we rule as the empire rules.

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Feb 18, 2004
no, we are not.

the shocking part would be if russia is smart enough not to do it.

these guys know what they signed up for. I am not for using political capital to get them back, yet. Allow Russia to keep making dumb decisions.


wish we could get them home. :hsd:
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