SRS Putin declares war in Ukraine, surprising no one


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Feb 18, 2004
There isnt much we can do, my family and i have sent as much money as we can, thing fucken sux, thank you for the gesture and to be honest seeing this thread and the vast support for UA here on OT is fucking heart warming.

You dont know how many "friends" in real life feel its appropriate to reach out to me with "hey man hope youre families okay BUT u think its really putins fault man? I think its
Bc laundering and hunter tbh....."


Long story short i lost a lot of worthless "friends" this year. People really lack so much fucking self awareness and timing compasses its incredible.

I'm sorry to report but my third attempt at sunflowers in the front yard has failed. the deer i'm convinced were sent by russia. i have 3 in the backyard that are going to flower I think. :x:

fuck anyone who thinks what putin/russia is doing is remotely justified. I hope it ends up with UA joining the EU and NATO. i also hope that the frozen russian funds are just sent to UA for rebuilding.
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Feb 18, 2004
This fucking dipshit I work with bought a nordvpn package after seeing it on YouTube. Now he always tries to sound like a leet hacker. “Let me know if you can’t get that movie. I’ll try working through a few different countries tonight.”


nordvpn sucks dick
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