SRS Putin declares war in Ukraine, surprising no one


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Jan 9, 2011
South Jersey
In Afghanistan, my company had a Maxxpro get hit by a (estimated) 200lbs IED buried in a culvert. Everyone lived. Gonna take a lot more than a little anti tank mine for catastrophic kill.
I've bounced the heads of 3 journalists off the roof of a MaxxPro hitting a bump pretty hard. Told all the soldiers to brace for impact on the truck comms system 👀


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Oct 13, 2003
So as many of you know i was into paintball up until 2014 or so. havent really been into it for a while nor kept up on the news at all. Some pb vids came up on my youtube today so i was watching them getting nostalgic. decided to check the points standings to see how my old teams were doing, then i remembered there was a russian pro team that was pretty popular. Owned by a russian bank, basically the first team to pay players as a 9-5 gig etc. They'd travel to the us and play our pro series bc its the best one. Im checking the standings and see they were somehow playing this year?? Only 3 of the 6 events but still crazy to mean. They were called "Russian legion" now its just "red legion" and dont play under any flag. Not sure exactly how they are pulling this off with the war and shit. Maybe they got out in time? :dunno:
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Dec 28, 2003



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Mar 14, 2000
Houston! Texas!

As I understand it, neither side will accept peace with the current conditions. So talks at this time have zero chance of resulting in peace. The war has to keep going until it's resolvable.

If ongoing talks are valuable to UA/US/NATO to deflect domestic criticism from undermining the alliance then I don't see the harm as long as no conditions (e.g., no requirements for cease fires or limitations on actions) are associated with the talks.

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Mar 5, 2005
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I'd like 94.4% of my tax money back now.


If we give you back a single penny of that money China will view it as a sign of weakness and invade us immediately. This will cause more spending the following year. We are going to stay the course. Thank you for cooperation.


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