Putin declares war in Ukraine, surprising no one


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Jun 30, 2007

  • Army to replace the AS90 gifted to Ukraine with new ‘Archer’ heavy artillery guns
  • Rapid procurement upgrades Army artillery capability, ahead of long-term artillery programme
  • Vehicles can be brought into action within 20 seconds and hit targets simultaneously
The first 14 Archer artillery systems will have ownership transferred to the British Army this month and be fully operational by next April, forming an interim replacement for the 32 AS90 artillery systems the UK gifted to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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Apr 23, 2004
Cleveland, OH
Trench combat

So many random grenades laying around. So much of lots of weapons

Those were Russian positions and weapons they came across. They were inventorying and testing what weapons they found.

At 02:15 there was almost a friendly fire incident. "The soldier yelled what the fuck are you shooting at you idiot"

At 03:20 he asks "Kolya" (Short for Mykola in Ukrainian which is a derivative of the name Nicholas/Nick) to change the magazines. Kolya tries to grab the guns by the barrel and the guy yells "HOT! HOT! The barrels are hot!"

At 4:10 after unloading on that machine gun he says "you better learn boys" :coold:
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