Putin declares war in Ukraine, surprising no one

Mazy D.

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Oct 10, 2000
Also at the beginning of the war it was Ukraine against what was assumed to be the #2 superpower of the world, and Ukraine's allies were anticipating it to be overrun in just a few days, so there wasn't really the morale at that point.
Unless of course they bribed the border guards recently.
Recently, in the last 1-3 months


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Apr 23, 2004
Cleveland, OH
I've met a few Ukrainian men in Canada that bribed border officers in order to leave Ukraine. I have mixed feelings about it. They would probably be useless at the front line, since they have zero motivation to fight. On one hand, i can't respect their choice. On the other hand, i understand their desire not to die. If i was in their shoes, who knows, maybe i would've turned out to be a pussy too. Or maybe not. I am rather unpredictable in a sense that i always find out who i am when i face a difficult choice/situation and i can never know ahead what exactly i am going to do.
It's surreal to think that if I was still in Ukraine I'd be requested to serve or at minimum not be able to leave the country due to the age restrictions.

It's doubtful they would have taken me anyway due to the deformity of my hand but I'd still like to think that I would want to serve in some capacity (cyber defense, drone operator, territorial defense, hell I'm even a halfway decent cook).

After high school I was interested in joining a branch of the US armed forces but I wasn't a US citizen at the time and was discouraged that I wouldn't pass the physical even though I don't treat what I have as a disability.

It's a blessing and a curse I suppose :hsd: without the deformity in my hand it would have been very unlikely that we would have immigrated here.

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