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Rev. Johnny Vegas

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Jun 13, 2001
9 years ago today, I went to the McKinney, TX SPCA to start looking for a rescue dog. I thought I'd have to make a couple of trips to different shelters to find a rescue that would be ~30 pounds full grown. A 30 pound, 6 month old puppy named Moose had a different plan though (75 pounds full grown). :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

He and his litter mates were born in a field northeast of Dallas and the land owners had no idea until animal control informed them of it. The SPCA got them at about 8 weeks, raised them up and put them up for adoption. Moose and Mitzi were the last 2 of the 4 left when I got there. Moose just wanted to be close to me and was already very well behaved, while Mitzi was kinda all over the place, so Moose came home with me.

Funniest thing was that when we got home, Moose had never seen stairs before since he'd never been in a house. After a couple of hours of playing with him and letting him explore, I went upstairs and puppy Moose stood at the bottom of the stairs and cried not knowing where I was going. I taught him how to do stairs and he proceeded to run up and down them for the next few hours until he wore himself out. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Moose 9 years ago as a 6 month old puppy:



Moose at 9.5 years old, taken recently:




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Aug 28, 2002
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:rofl: I think I've said this before but every time I see that pic of your dog on the carpet I think of the goombas from the Mario movie

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