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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by VenusGirlTrap, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. There is some stuff my comp won't let me get rid of. For example with aim they gave me this "aol for broadband" shortcut and when I got to delete it the thing says blah blah that I can delete the short cut but to delete the program I have to go to add/remove and delete gcdtool. Well there is no gcdtool in the add/remove. Also someone I got some stupid bonzibuddy thing and when I try to remove it, it says "could not open install log file" and I get the same thing when trying to remove kazaa.

    Any help would be cool.
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    Bonzibuddy is the most horrible program i have ever encountered. I do believe it is spyware of some sort, a lot of customers at the internet service place i worked at seemed to have it and it messed with their connections big time. What i would do is just go through the registry with regedit and your c:\ drive and remove it manually. Sometimes if u open notepad and create a fake install.log file it will read it and uninstall it. See if the fixes the problem. If you have an NT based OS try using the services feature to stop those things also. For the AOL for broadband link your just gonna have to delete that manually and use regedit to get it out of ur add/remove programs
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    for something like Bonzi Buddy, you will have to use Ad Aware or Spybot or something of the sort. To get rid of pesky icons that linger in Control Panel after you delete files necessary to uninstall, use Tweak UI. Its in the power toys. Its a great lil proggie.
  4. those seem way to complicated for me. Maybe next time my schools ISS people come by I'll ask them to delete it off of there.

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