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  1. I got an Industrial done about a month ago. I have an interview tomorrow. My boss said that I should take out as much metal as possible for the interview. The indy is at the point in healing where it gives me some crusties but is healed enough that it no longer hurts unless directly hit. I can sleep on it an all that good stuff. Would I be able to take it out for about 30 minutes to an hour and then put it back in, or would that be a super bad idea? I am pretty sure I should leave it in, but if I can take it out without any adverse side effects I will take it out.

    Answers/Suggestions/Smart Remarks are always welcome/
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    May 13, 2001
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    If its only been a month, i wouldnt be taking it out even if it was only for a min.
  3. Yeah, that was what I was thinking. I hope they don't mind giving a better position and higher pay to a guy with an industrial. My Director doesn't care at all so hopefully this recruiter won't either.
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    i'd have to agree that having it out that long would probably leave it open too long. if you HAVE to, clean it good w/soap and water before and after maybe? take this w/a grain of salt, i'm just thinkin common sense.
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    Don't take it out. my friend took heres out for x-rays and had it out for about an hour (she'd had hers pierced for about 6 months)_ and it closed up on her.
  6. That is not cool.

    If they ask I will just explain to them that I had it pierced recently and taking out the barbell could result in an infection or something of that nature which could adversely affect my ear. They should buy that and hopefully be happy with it.
  7. Well I left it in, either they didn't notice (It seems alot of people just don't see it :dunno: ) or they didn't care. The only problem with the new position is that I am pretty sure I will have to take out my eyebrow piercing :hs:.

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