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  1. i don't know much about weapons laws and customizing your own, etc.

    i'm pretty much given one through a slot in the wall and told to clean it and bring it back if immediate and remedial action doesn't fix the malfunction.

    are there any informative websites about customizing your own weapon?

    when i was at the USMC SOTG range last week this capt. had a really nice M4. i'd like to find out how to do the same.

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    If you're talking about a M16/AR15 type weapon, read a little bit about rail accessories, optics, and lights over at

    Then, contact Grant @ or Wes @ to spend some money and get the goods.

    Knight's (KAC), Daniel Defense, PRI, A.R.M.S., LMT, Aimpoint, EOTech, and Surefire are all the big brands you're going to want to investigate.

    That's for a personal weapon though, while most of the gear mentioned is military approved in some branch or unit, i can't say what your quartermaster/rangemaster is going to allow.

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