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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by pctony, Sep 20, 2006.

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    One of my friends just called me asking me advice for one of her girlfriends. I told her what I thought but she wanted me to do some research. So...This girl lives with a guy. They just recently moved into together as friends. I guess they have been friends for quite a while. The guy gives the girl compliments all the time and buys her stuff. the guy is loaded btw or his parents are. He has bought the girl some nice stuff like louis vuitton wallet, purse, expensive make up, and some scarfs. Kicker is he still bangs his ex gf in the room next to hers. And they did some myspace "harriet the spying" and i guess he bought the exact same wallet for his ex gf. i told her to just to talk to him about it, but i think shes afraid to do that. i also think she wants him to like her and maybe he doesnt.
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    OK, and the point of this thread was what?

    You want advice on the situation? Here's mine. Don't spy on people. It's not cool. It just breeds distrust. If you have issues with someone, be direct and talk about them, don't go sneaking around.

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