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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by GoughGrl, Aug 7, 2003.

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    I have a silver 97 Civic something or other. A couple months ago some jack off ran into me after ignoring a stop sign and smushed up the rear driver side of my car. It put a decent sized dent in the body, a small dent in the door and where the paint was silver, it is now black. Considering the guy's truck spun me 1.5 times the damage doesn't look nearly as bad as it should. However, I suppose if I were to describe it... I would say it looked like someone tried to open my car's body by throwing a large bowling ball at it and scratching the paint. (I think I should be getting pics soon.)

    My question to you all is... should I sell the car as is and put the money towards a downpayment for a newer car or should I pay to get it fixed and then sell?

    Any opinions would be appreciated!
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    you can try to bondo it first..then sell it.. ; x
  3. hahah! Eeek! The bondo! I used to have a 97 Silver Civic HX. That car has been through hell and back until my friend rear ended me with his turbo Mr2 going about 80 MPH. I miss it..

    I say get it fixed then sell it. Just don't tell anyone it's been in any accidents cause the value will go down.
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    i would fix it and sell it. you can buy cheap glass fiber one.

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