Question about required Cing/ATT Divestitures

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by YelloWRX, Oct 26, 2004.

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    I've read that the combined company must sell airwaves in certain markets - those with more than 80mhz of airwaves. That I understad.

    But I've read that it must sell customers in certain parts of Tn and Ct...the selling of customer contracts I don't understand... Is this just to reduce the customer set in areas which whill have to be reduced to a total of 80 Mhz?

    For example, if the company owns 120Mhz and has 1M subscribers in an area, going from 120Mhz to 80 would be a reduction of 1/3...So the subscriber base would have to be reduced in that area correspondingly... Is this the reason? Or will the combined company just not be allowed to sell service in the markets it has to sell customers?

    What about the Tmobile/Cing tower arrangement in NYC...I think the FCC said they have to unwind that too... Will that mean a decrease in Cing service in NYC? Or will existing ATT infrastructure pick up the slack?

    See Quote...

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    well the mhz wont be decreasing b/c thats a frequency that the companies run off of. however, i'm in the knoxville market and i can find out what its all about b/c it will effect my store and our customers

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