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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by LocoStrange, Apr 14, 2006.

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    Bondo.. you either love it or hate it or laugh your ass off.

    So my question is how would I make this car look semi decent. I am not looking for a "OMG, it looks like a brand new car" type of a detail, I just want it to look semi decent without the rust.

    I am thinking about sanding it all away (smooth out the bondo and hopefully get some of the rust). Then use a rust converter (never heard of this before but I guess I could get it at autozone or pepboys or something?). Touch up paint it and just give it a nice clay job, scratch remover, polish and wax.

    Would this work or would the car just look so funny because of those bondo stuff?
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    Feb 11, 2006
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    Depends on how bad the rust is. If its just surface rust, you can just sand it off and treat the metal. If the rust is bad, your going to have to cut the entire segment out and weld in a new sheet.
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    This so can NOT be a serious post. And if it is... :ugh:

    First, that first photo looks like th car has been painted with a brush! Its on teh trim piece ont eh B pillar, and on the window itself. And is pealing off the factory paint. And you conscerned about smoothing some bondo, and wax?!

    Seconedly, chances are that rust is so bad, bondo will do nothing for you, but make a mess. Becuase what you can see ont eh surface, is typically 25% of whats actually goning on underneath. That car is probibly so cancerous, that one swift kick to the floor pan would produce a hole.

    And last, but certaintly not least...the only thing that is going to help that car is a junkyard. Hate to say it, but its beyond repair, and is in no way road worthy, in my most honest oppinion.

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