question about SBC dsl after 1st year

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by dorkultra, Jan 4, 2006.

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    ok, i have a contract with sbc for dsl for a year that will be up in march.
    at the time i signed up last year, i got locked into $27 a month for a 1536k/384k speed dsl to my house. (which sucks because i know people who get the same speed for now only $15 a month)

    anyways, when my year is up, will they start charging me with the month to month subscription or will they make me an offer for another year contract?

    i don't want to be charged per month because thats like $59 a month.

    who has experience with this?

    i used to have cable, it was $26 a month for a year with no contract, faster, but less reliable, but after a year it was like $45+ a month, so i switched to DSL
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    The last month of your special call SBC/ATT and ask for the lowest current rate. Its worked for me and everyone I have spoke to in my area for at least 4 years now. Currently my cost is $14.95 for 1.5M/384K, good friends paying $16.95 for 3m/384k...

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