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    Just doing a little research here... I want to know how the structure of the Army went like during the WWII era. I mean as in platoons, companies, ect... Also would like to know what ranks worked up at HQ, and what their role was; as in "CO" for example. Thank you for your help. :big grin:
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    2. enter keywords; a good start would be WW2 US Army structure

    3. sort through pages for information; the first page that shows up is a good place to begin

    4. go back to and re-enter variations of keywords for further subject you would like

    5. complete research

    Optional procedures:

    1. go to local library

    2. ask a librarian for books on world war 2

    3. sort through books

    4. read books and take notes

    5. complete research

    Alternative procedures:

    1. find local war veteran museum or lodge or rec center for retirees

    2. go to said place and announce yourself and your goal

    3. speak to actual men and possible women who stepped foot in europe

    4. connect with them and take notes

    5. complete your research

    sounds hard and stuff since you actually have to go out and you know, do some research, but trust me, most of the times when you work at something you get something back.

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