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    ok, so i started seeing this girl (my current gf) about two months ago. i am not really a relationship type of person (25, focus mostly on education, career, and just having a good time while i still can). well i worked with this girl two years ago who i was genuinely great friends with and then i met her sister. hit it off really good with the sister and we all hung out a lot. i am sort of the planner with my whole group of friends, and if i don't set shit up it usually doesn't get done, so naturally i introduced my group of guy friends to these sisters and their group of girl friends. our whole group hit it off and we hang out every weekend (going on a year or so now like this). so for no real reason in particular, stuff just never progressed with the sister, although we both were into each other. i am not sure if i can chalk it up to my dislike of relationships, our close group friendship (not wanting to screw anything up), or anything else, but it just didn't happen.

    so fast forward to about two months ago, i meet this awesome girl, really hot and we instantly click. we have been hanging out for awhile and i guess made it official a couple weeks ago. since then the sister has been a little different towards me (seems short with me or almost mad) and i'm assuming because we both did like each other and this relationship kind of came out of the blue. which i totally understand because had the tables been turned i possibly could have felt similar.

    so last night i'm out with a couple of my buddies and we are havin a couple beers. my one friend (best friend since kindergarten) said that he has liked the sister i liked for awhile and wants to make a move on her. he knows i liked her and asks if i am cool with it. i am kinda surprised by this but tell him to go for it because she is honestly a real catch. i mean we never dated or anything so i have no "claim" to this girl as far as man laws go, but i can't help but be bothered by this a little bit, even though i am 100% satisfied with my gf.

    i honestly thought about this a lot last night when i got home and this morning, and what i can chalk it up to is this. my gf is new and everything is great, i can see a future with her for sure, but like i said it is still new. if it wasn't to work out, i definitely could see myself trying to make something of the old flame with the sister in the future, but if my friend dates her, that inevitably is out of the realm of possibilities. to me this seems like an incredibly selfish way of thinking, but i just can't help it.

    i guess this is more of a rant than anything, i told my friend to go for it (i don't think she will go for him anyways, but that is beside the point) and i have faith that whatever happens will work out. just an interesting situation, anyone have any thoughts or similar stories?

    sorry for the long post, tried to shorten it up but the nature of the situation doesn't really permit that.
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    - forget about "what you had" with the sister

    - be happy with your gf

    - be happy for your friend
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    Cliffs: You never stepped up and did anything with a girl you liked, started dating a different girl, and now you're jealous that your friend wants to try and hook up with the first girl even though you have a girlfriend.

    Response: Get over yourself. I feel sorry for your girlfriend.

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