Question on a car stereo. double din DVD GPS BT etc

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Tosh, Apr 3, 2010.

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    I dont plan on spending alot of money and saw this on ebay.
    Double Din touch screen running Windows CE (something I've never used before but assume is a bonus for add ons) Regardless I know I am not buying any sort of quality but if it works for 2 years, bonus as I will have sold my car by then.

    Anyone seen these? I mean the price is hard to beat and it has a 1 yr warranty.

    * Built-in GPS navigation receiver
    * 7" wide TFT LCD touchscreen
    * Motoried & slide-down front panel
    * Steering wheel control
    * Entertainment Dual Zone
    * Built-in Bluetooth
    * iPod control
    * TV tuner
    * Radio tuner
    * Anti-shock
    * SD, USB port

    279 shipped...

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    I personally wouldn't waste my money, you get what you pay for, especially in electronics. But if you are adventuresome and have 279 bucks to waste and understand that you might get a pile of shit in the mail then it's worth a try. I would also bet you would want to pull your hair out before you ever got that thing replaced with the warranty.

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