TECH Question on how to run (strech) header image across top of page.


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Is there a simple code that would allow me to run this across the top of the page as a header (streched). I was going to use a background image and throw it in the background, however it won't work for what I'm trying to do. But can't find any advice online so far. Want this image ontop of the background so it covers it up and is regular image, and selectable if right-clicked.



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Jan 6, 2005
Is learning to code any harder than learning to design in adobe software? In terms of difficulty in picking it up on your own. I've been trying to learn how to code, but I have no idea where to start. I will look into the website, looks promising.
you have to learn somewhere, and I can guarantee you have not learned much about design from adobe software, you know how to use the software, but not the behind the scenes from color and fonts and typeface and so on

i am self taught and I am still learning every day, but I am getting there and a lot better than I was 3 years ago, so dive in and start learning


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Jan 6, 2005
Bad education hurts.

1. Being badly educated hampers your ability to score a good job.

2. Inaccurate references slow development and cause costly QA loops.

3. Learning key web development idioms slowly or incorrectly puts you years behind your own colleagues.

not everything on there is bad though and this is for his him doing shit on his own site and not for businesses or getting a job, and I sent him there for css and making it a background and I did a quick search and I did not see anything there bad about that

and some of the shit is common sense, if you are using frames, then you need to be shot Again, frames are considered among the very worst of practices in modern Web development. In fact, they are considered so bad, they are no longer valid in HTML5.

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