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  1. Hey, I bought Office 2004 from school for $20. It says you can only install it on one computer. This sucks because I have a laptop and a desktop, and they only allow you to purchase one copy. :(

    So, I was thinking of installing and registering it on my desktop, and then installing it on my laptop but not registering it. It claims you can use it unregistered up to 50 times. I typically reformat my laptop every month. So, I can just reinstall it after reformatting and use it another 50 times (repeat). Is this the best idea to have it on both computers? :hs:
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    is this a student/teacher version?
  3. Microsoft Office 2003 Professional

    ... sorry, thought it was 2004, it's only 2003.
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    the student and teacher's eddition allows you to install it on THREE systems. the standard/pro versions allow only ONE installation.

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