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    so my bike stopped running a while ago, but I wasn't sure exactly what the cause of it was. I finally got around to tearing down the carbs, and this is what I found (click on pics for larger version):

    I take it this is rust, even though it looks awfully dark for rust to me...

    I take it I need to tear them down more and make sure to clean everything out, and that I also need a fuel filter (I hadn't gotten around to putting one on before, this shows why I should have). Anything else I need to do before putting them back together? They were stored properly, ie drained.
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    Take out the Main Jet and the pilot jet and ensure that they aren't jammed with gunk. (The main and the pilot are on the bottom of the carb and simply unscrew from the bottom of the carb).

    Take out the air screw (outside the carb) and blow it out with carb cleaner.. Turn the screw in, in 1/2 turn intervals and count how many turns it was so you can return it to the proper spec after you put it back together.

    Take out the float needle and ensure it isn't sticking and blow through the hole with some carb cleaner..

    You don't say what carb it is (manufacturer) but if you have rubber diaphrams, make sure you use cleaner that is rubber friendly (it should say somewhere on it that it is safe for rubber, or it'll eat the rubber and you'll be replacing the diaphrams..

    The rust is coming from your tank.. you may need to do a tank treatment to the tank (etch, acid wash, and then coat the inside of the tank with a membrane.. easy peasy job).. I'd suggest looking for "stone type" fuel filters as they do a better job filtering out the smaller stuff and don't clog up like paper filters do.. And they have better fuel flow, so your bike won't starve.

    that's all I can think of.

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