TECH Questions about Firewalls, and some other stuff.


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Feb 18, 2008
First off, I'm going to admit that I don't know everything about networking, but I do know most of the basics. I have several (15+) workstations on my network and well, we are basically using the built in firewall on our linksys router, and well the Windows Firewall on the workstations (BLAH). Anyways, can anyone recommend a good "Hardware" firewall that is still pretty easy to configure, and perferably have a webclient or something other than a command line program option. I have my CCNA, but wow, it has been ages since I have programmed anything Cisco. Ok, next part is new to me, and seems pretty cool, but have no clue what type of hardware or software I would need to do it. The last time I stayed at a hotel, they had free internet, and anytime I connected to their network, it forced me to their homepage first, then I could browse freely. Well, I would love that on our network, due to guest and employees connecting with laptops, or other forms of network appliances. I would also like a firewall that would display a message if the url they look up is blocked instead of just going to a blank page.

Basically, I want the network to be secure, but also have that feel of a more monitored secure network to help keep employees more in check and make them tend more to their work not myspace etc...

thanks again

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