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    I just recently picked up four Pioneer 6x8 4-way speakers and a AVIC-F700bt head unit that I am going to install in my 2005 Ford Explorer.


    Head Unit:

    Anyways the speakers are rated at 50 watts RMS @ 4ohms. Now I am looking for an amplifier that would give me the most w/o worrying out it being a hot p.o.s. I have found two amplifiers that I like one is Alpine MRP-F300 rated at 50wx4 at 4 ohms and the other is a Pioneer GM-6400 rated at 60wx4 at 4 ohms. Both are about $150. I don't know what the rules are on RMS matching from the Amp to the Speakers since I have never installed an aftermarket audio system. I have read that lower power can be worse for speakers and that it is ok to have a little extra juice.

    Which one?


    Apline: 5 Channel


    Lastly I just need tips and advice. Like I said this is my first time ever attempting to install these do you think I could take it on myself (at least the speakers and head unit) or should I leave it for professionals? All input is welcome.
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    never believe RMS wattage ratings on amps or speakers.

    get whichever amp has the best reviews and will hide somewhere in the truck.

    and it's kinda difficult wiring up door spks and amps opposed to a sub/amp

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