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    This is more directed towards people that have actually competed, but anyone can chime in. I'm a Kinesiology major (helps my martial arts) and I'm in a sports psychology class now. We're supposed to interview an athlete with some questions we make up. I'm hoping that some of you would answer these and I could use one of the "interviews" for my class. It's just ten questions and the answers should be a little in depth, but not like a whole essay. A few lines maybe. Thanks for your help.

    What do you know about sport psychology?

    Have you ever used a sport psychologist for yourself or your team? If so, was it useful?

    What got you interested in martial arts?

    Was there ever a debilitating injury you had to overcome? If so, how did you do it?

    What motivates you to push yourself?

    If you have negative thoughts how do you get past them?

    Did you have a role model? Why them?

    Being in this field, have you noticed any characteristics that many, if not all serious practitioners have?

    How do you react to new training concepts?

    Do you agree that the will to win, or to be the best you can be, is more important than the training itself?

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