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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by mtnbikekid08, Oct 4, 2009.

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    So I am looking for a monitor to double as a monitor for my laptop, just for the hell of it, and as a tv. I will be buying a WD Media Player as well, so I will be using it for that too.
    Now I have been looking on, because that seems to be the cheapest place and I can return it there if I dislike it, and I have seem three different ones I like:
    HannsG 28"
    Samsung 24"
    or the HannsG 25"

    I obviously prefer the 24&25" because they are only 200 bucks. But for some reason 28" seems kinda appealing too. I will eventually buy a Xbox and use this for it too, so 28" seems like the better investment over all.
    However I want to get some opinions on them. Do the HannsG monitors last long? I have heard some people say they just suddenly stop working.
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    TN panels SUCK for watching TV or movies on... I'm sorry, but they do and those will look like shit.

    Don't even look at contrast ratio (edit: or response time for that matter) to compare them either, the number is a scam, as there is no standard of measurement. Most are dynamic ratios where the backlight can change it's own brightness to extend the tiny range when the entire scene is mostly dark or mostly light, but that is very rare, and when there are both light and dark areas on the display it will look like shit. In addition TN panels have tiny optimum viewing angles, which means you basically have to be sitting directly in front of them, which is fine as a computer monitor, but terrible for a TV. Finally, most TN panels you will experience light bleed-through along the edges, where light from the backlights gets around the LCD panel between it and the case making the edges brighter.

    You might think all this stuff is only an issue for people who are picky but I assure you you will HATE watching TV/Movies on any of those, especially if you are used to an old CRT.

    I would recommend an S-PVA panel such as dell ultrasharps or even apples cinema display (which I think uses S-IPS, which is even better).

    In short, don't believe ANY of the numbers that people use to compare them, they are worthless. Instead, read reviews, get personal opinions, check them out for yourself, etc. I have an Acer H233H and I would NOT recommend it for a TV application, it is a cheap panel that is adequate as a computer monitor, and that is all.
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