Quick picture of my M3...

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by azn_m5, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. azn_m5

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  2. azn_m5

    azn_m5 Guest

    Couple others I found...

    Dish anyone? (wheels were a little dirty)

    Quick interior shot...
  3. Backnblack

    Backnblack Guest

    Wow:eek3:..... Very Sweet Ride:bowdown:
  4. q8i

    q8i Guest

    nice tint, nice wheels ..
    is that an aftermarket front spoiler ? more pics would be appreciated
  5. azn_m5

    azn_m5 Guest

    Actually, I don't consider myself "suckered." There has been a lot of debate recently over iForged wheels vs. HRE. Turns out that they both contract to the same companies to create their respective wheels.

    As far as their quality is concerned, I am very happy with mine. For 19s they are relatively light weight and quite durable.

    Also, the front lip I have is made by Mashaw. I'll see if I can dig up another picture...


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